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How Using Nulled WordPress Theme Can Bring Tears to Your Eyes


How Using Nulled WordPress Theme Can Bring Tears to Your Eyes

All was fine till now and your were heading to enjoy your Sunday. The very morning you get up and thought of looking the last day traffic to your newly formed blog……Oh!…..Alas…….It is showing a black screen with some danger signs and advertising the hacker’s might……aren’t you stunned. Here all your work gone in vain with a single mistake(If you really have an idea about).  Yes.. it is the result of your insertion of freebies to your professionalism. You used Nulled WordPress Theme to your blog to save some bucks and made it professional.

Though it is not necessary that a hacked or compromised website must be shown with a black screen with danger sign  but there are many other ways a hacker can harm you which we will discuss below. And all that could happen because of you gave an access to hacker by using their plotted freebies like a FREE premium theme in to your blog or website.

Today I am writing a complete journey of using nulled product to your website.

What is Nulled WordPress Theme?

A nulled theme or script is usually a script with removed copy protection, the one you don’t want to use on a real site. A nulled script is when somebody changes the script to remove the protection implemented by the author of the script. For example, when they remove call homes or registration checks or etc. These scripts are commonly distributed by warez sites and etc shady/illegal sites and nulled scripts ARE illegal to use.


Why Nulled- Your journey to Freebies-

It is really a million dollar question why to use nulled scripts. What makes you to put your to blog to be fiddled even before start. Lets see with an example

Free nulled wordpress themes

This usually happens with newbie bloggers.If you really want that your blog should look like a professional one and you are scared of failure of it(It is quite obvious ) so you avoid investing upfront money in premium themes. And you search for FREE WORDPRESS PREMIUM THEMES and finally approves it to your website.

This happened because you didn’t search for ‘ drawbacks of using nulled theme’.

Think a while, why a coder will waste his time by purchasing  the one and play with codes to break it and make it available to you to use it for FREE. They have some hidden intention-cum-profit profiles behind  so they do it for you. What are those and how can those harm you- See below.

How nulled theme can harm your blog or website?

A nulled WordPress theme can harm your blog in many ways. Here these are

  1. It does not have link to its official updating authority  thus lacks behind in strengthening security. It also malfunction in many ways because fail to cope up with updated codes.
  2. It pains to its Author when his months of work is being distributed for FREE(How you will feel if you are the one). Thus he can claim the piracy of above said and you can call a legal trouble.
  3. All broken themes have some malicious codes inside which will give to hacker an access to your website. So they can create backdoor to play with your blog anytime.
  4. They will access your blog through hidden codes and may redirect your website to another Porn or malicious websites.
  5. Google and other search engine will block your website permanently or may flag your blog as a harmful website and may remove your website from index permanently.
  6.  Your web host may suspend your hosting account.
  7. Your wordpress may get adwares controlled by a hacker and your blog will show unknown advertising on it. So it will be controlled by a remote administrator.
  8. The anti-virus and anti-spyware softwares can block access of users to your blog.
  9. And many more to the will and might of Hacker.

How to Detect it- An uphill task

In the ignorance of consequences of using nulled theme, you have established your blog and going good with it. Usually a hidden admin or hacker want to enjoy you compromised without let you know. This way they can exploit you severely and it may become almost irretrievable for you.

Here are quick symptoms of infected blogs-

  1. Showing multiple Pop-ups in new window to an malicious website or any other place.
  2. Redirecting your blog to another webpage.
  3. Restrict your access to admin files.
  4. Unknown file or folder in your web directory(Easy to trace for newbies). Must be handled with expert care.
  5. Malicious content warning on SERPs on various search engines.

google-malicious warning

6. Any other unusual activity not performed by your or your authors.

You can dected it with the help of some plugins also-

Your can Google a detailed info and how-to-use guide of these tools for effective use.

Alternate Ways-

There are  thousands of FREE themes and plugins available in WordPress respiratory itself. You can use any of them you like and later on switch to their Premium versions.



It is not bad that you look for FREE resources initially but looking for illegal ways to decorate your blog is not really appreciable. Just to save some bucks, you should not look for pirated freebies. It is not always mandatory that you be a victim of a hacker despite using a nulled script or your blog necessarily be compromised  but why we do we want to use  it for FREE . It is a not a good start of your digital aspirations. Always pay for the stuff you want to use instead looking for Pirated one.

Please write if you ever have been victim of a nulled script or what is your opinion over it.

Thank You.



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